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Version 1.01 (06/15/98)
MakeNav v1.01 04/18/00 There was a bug in the sub-directory recursion for sub-directories with similar names. Fixed 10/17/00 - Download the executable now MakeNav.exe.
Create a shortcut manually.

Description :
MakeNav is written for MS Windows 95 and Windows NT.
Freeware is totally free software. This is Freeware!
MakeNav is a HTML code generator. The user can generate linked pages to catalog graphic and multimedia files. The HTM pages created use two frames:
  • Left Frame - to display the index of possible links.
  • Right Frame - to display graphic resources.
  • User selects sub-directory where processing will begin.
  • User selects Recurse sub-directories to link and process all child sub-directories.
  • Optional Descending Sort by filenames in the Left Frame.
  • Legal file types accepted (ALL).
  • ALT-B accelerator for Build Button.
  • ALT-S accelerator for Select Button.
  • ALT-X accelerator for Exit Button.
Great for preparing a linked web of HTM files before burning CDs of resources.
New Features in v1.01
  • After successful build, a shortcut to the generated web is placed in the StartButton->Documents Menu.

Download / Install
MakeNav is avaliable for you to use right now by downloading this zipFile and performing a simple program setup.
  1. Download the archive
  2. Install MakeNav as described in this document.


Simple to Install:
  • Extract the program "MakeNav.exe" from the zip fild to your drives.
  • just use the Install Button (Ctrl-I) in WinZip32
to perform a brief install to create a Shortcut on your Start Button Tree.
Simple to Uninstall:
  • Merely delete the MakeNav.exe file.
Simple to Use:
  • Decide if you want the left frame index to be sorted.
  • Decide the width of the left frame (% of browser width).
  • Press the "Build" button.
    MakeNav Screen

  • Price / Availability
      Now available in Freeware format.
    Registered copies are not available.
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